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Company History - From the Owner

We have been in the steel business for three generations. My grandfather, Walter F. Mueller, owned a small sheet metal shop and hardware store in Moulton, Texas, during the Great Depression. With the help of his two sons - my father, Harold, and my uncle, James - the family grew the enterprise in a great West Texas success story: Muller Supply Co.

It was not an easy go. My dad remembers times when the family was so poor they ate "everything but the squeal" when they butchered a hog.

Fortunately, the Muellers knew how to work hard and find success in unlikely opportunities. When they discovered they could buy bent salvage rebar and angles at low prices, they invented a machine to straighten them out for resale. Hard work and unorthodox thinking allowed them to consistently make "a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

My dad and uncle sold Muller Supply Co. in 1984, the year after I started my own business Mueller Metal, Inc. We sell and trade steel worldwide. Mueller Metals recently was named one of the largest U.S. importers of Mexican light-walled square and rectangular tubing. 

In 2007, Mueller Metals opened Spring Creek™ Products, a division dedicated to delivering our steel customers an economical line of farm and ranch-related gate hinges, latches, fencing products, safety products, welding supplies, industrial hardware, ornamental items, tie-down accessories, and our own patented Total Cut Pipe Guides. We constantly add quality, low-cost, proven winners to our warehouses in San Angelo, TX.

We appreciate your business, and in the Mueller tradition work to earn it every day. 

Fred Mueller


Harold Mueller Family Portrait